Who Was At The New Yorkers For Children Gala?

The New Yorkers for Children Gala was a major event that started to raise money to help the children of the city who are underprivileged. Cipriani 42nd Street hosted the event, and it was a time for all the biggest names in the city to step up and offer their funds for the kids of the city who are in need. This article explains how the gala helped raise over a million dollars, who arrived and how it helps kids in the city.

#1: The Gala Hosted Celebrities Far And Wide

The celebrities at the gala were dressed to the nines, and they all came out to help the kids of the city. The celebrities live in the city where they see children who need their help, and showing up the gala is a perfect time to give back to New Yorkers for Children.

#2: What Does The Charity Do?

The charity is an outreach program that helps kids all over the city who need special services. They support the child welfare system in the city, and they work with the local government on projects that will help kids on welfare. They wish to make as many changes for kids as possible, and they believe it is possible to help bring kids out of poverty who are stuck there.

#3: Raising Over $1 Million For Children

The gala raised over $1 million for the charity, and the money will be put to work at once to ensure it is managed properly given the needs of children in the city. There are many new projects the charity wishes to do for the children of the city, and they are searching for new ways to reach children who are living on the fringes of society.

The children need supplies for school, and they need to know they will have food on the table every night. The children will receive support that helps them perform in school, and the support will take them into a new lifestyle that will see them living out their dreams s they graduate from school or go on to college. There are several different reasons a child will find the charity helpful, and they will be thankful for the massive gala that was held. Trey Songz, Dan Rothman and a host of their friends including David Leuschen and Anita Hodos have come together to do something special for the children of New York City.