What’s going on in Montana

Jack Hanna, the well-known zookeeper who made many appearances on the David Letterman Show, is the owner of the Montana Jacks in the Stillwater Valley area in Montana. While this area is had some setbacks economically, the restaurant has been among the best in the area for many years. That era is coming to a close and the operators are now closing the doors and selling the property.

The 5,000 square foot building that is surrounded by a two-acre lot, has been steeped in history. Opening its doors in the 1950’s, it first served World War II miners who worked in the local mines. The property is located in a surreal location that draws people to this restaurant. With many businesses closing in the surrounding area, business has suffered in the past few years.

Reviews have always been more positive than not. With an excellent menu and multiple choices for entrees, this restaurant has had many visitors that comment that the drive is well worth it to eat at this restaurant. Reasonably priced, the selection of foods ranged from local dishes to almost anything you could wish for. A kid friendly menu was also available. Visitors never walked away hungry from Montana Jacks. The atmosphere was friendly and laid back. This restaurant had the ability to be as sophisticated as you would like and also just a friendly family restaurant as well. A bar was also located within the building, giving it that charm of the old west. Locals as well as travelers were welcomed and made return visits.

Newer restaurants are coming in and it is hoped that someone will purchase this historic property and keep the restaurant going. Investors Alexia and David Leuschen have worked with former restaurant operators Chris Lockhart and Gena Burghoff to develop a new restaurant concept. The cost of the property is around 650,000 dollars. With investors and new owners, the Montana Jack could once again be restored and serving great food to this community.