The Top 5 Sushi Restaurants in Florida

It turns out that Miami, Florida is one of the best U.S. cities for sushi. The top 5 sushi restaurants in Miami are definitely worth trying!

Serving some of the best sushi in Miami is Prey, located at 1 Hotel South Beach. Don’t let the term “invasive species” turn you off from this wonderful pop-up restaurant. The idea behind Prey is to have a menu that features sustainable seafood and healthy plant-based products along with featuring invasive species as a way of having a menu that is ecologically friendly. Prey Chef, Chef Bun actually fishes for these special menu items himself on his diving expeditions in different parts of the world. For example, fish like carp and lionfish. Prey has caught the attention of recognized faces such as power couple, Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins, and model, Karolina Kurkova.

If you are looking for delicious sushi and also in the mood to try something new and adventurous, then Prey is the place to be. Try something new and delicious like lionfish sashimi with both warming and cooling spices. You will also find sushi that includes eclectic ingredients like wild Texas antelope! There is plenty of delicious seafood sushi available there and vegetarian sushi too.

Sushi Chef Japanese restaurant, Zuma, Nobu, and Sokai Sushi Bar round out the other top Sushi restaurants in Miami.

If you are looking for very traditional Japanese restaurants that serve great sushi, Sushi Chef Japanese and Zuma are top picks. Sushi Chef Japanese, located on Coral Way, is the most traditional and prepares sushi in the traditional Japanese style. You will enjoy fresh and delicious tuna and salmon in your sushi, but don’t expect eccentric twists like tempura in your sushi there. Zuma, in downtown Miami, makes great sushi in the traditional way too though makes a wonderful unique ponzu sauce. Definitely try their wonderful spicy yellow tail rolls!

Nobu in South Beach is a wonderful restaurant that has the freshest seafood anywhere as it has access to the first catch that comes in each day and has a great variety of sushi on the menu. Definitely try the toro. To go on another exciting sushi adventure after trying Prey, adventure out to Sokai Sushi Bar in Doral. It is a very reasonably-priced Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant with a large menu and amazing selection. Be sure to try a spider deluxe roll with wonderful soft shell crab, spicy tuna, salmon and more served with aji amarillo sauce and yucca chips.