The Incredible Sights of Buena Vista Florida

Buena Vista is one of the top neighborhoods to visit while in Miami, which is in the every beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida. What once was a pineapple plantation in Buena Vista is now the city center as T.V. Moore had planned. Moore began is plantation in the late 1800’s as the lure of tropical fruits brought people to the area and as the railroad brought in more people the result brought more business for the area. As Buena Vista grew by leaps and bounds Moore turned his plantation into the district center, which included his own furniture business, a hotel, a church, a post office, and even a grocery store. The boom that occurred during the 1910’s to the 1920’s resulted in Buena Vista becoming incorporated in 1924 and became added to the city of Miami in 1925.

The beauty of art is said to all be in the eye of the beholder and every eye will catch a glimpse of something beautiful in the Design District while in Buena Vista. This area is home to several art galleries and showrooms. The historic building that once held Moore’s Furniture Company is now the Institute of Contemporary Art. The homes in the area could be considered art forms as well. Many of the streets are lined with Craftsman, Mediterranean, and even Art Deco architecture styled homes.

First time vacationers and celebrities alike flock to the Design District in Buena Vista, Florida. With the quirky, tropical feel of the area it is no wonder that this is a hot spot. The television show Magic City was filmed in this quaint little neighborhood. The filming led celebrities like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko on adventures through the area as they spent their off time visiting the shops and tasting the local cuisine. Stars such as George Clooney and even Beyoncé have been spotted in the area along with many others.

As far as a place to stay while in Buena Vista the sky is the limit. Cozy cottages are available to rent in the area as well as beautiful guest homes. Apartment rentals are available from short stay to long, and all at reasonable prices. Even in the heart of the district one can find a stylish, spacious place to rent for an excellent price.

Finding a place to eat while in Buena Vista is easy with a wide variety of choices. In the Design District restaurants line the street and range from elite dining to simple coffee shops. Organic foods, vegetarian, vegan, and exotic cuisine are easy to find in this district.