Places that you need to visit while in Montana

There are so many fun things to do in Montana, and it has nothing to do with the bison and bikers. Montana over the years has turned out to be a culinary destination. The place is home to so many hotels that have been opening some years back. The hotels don’t only have good food, but they s are character filled. Montana people are friendly if you are new in the city they will be able to guide you on some of the great things to see around the city. Here are some of the things that you can do while in Montana.
The hotel has been through a series of thing. In 1904, that’s when it was opened, but it was not long after that it burned down in 1940, but later it was rebuilt in 1941. After it was abandoned in 2006, the owner Nelson and the brother Chris thought it would be a good idea to reopen the hotel in 2013. The hotel opened up with a new menu, and there was a lot to try apart from steak. Chef Nick Steen established the new menu. The setting of the restaurant is fine dining, a period dinner and the Bernie’s.

The restaurant was opened early this year. Its best managed by Gena Burghof and she is supported by her husband who is the chef of the restaurant Chris Lockhart, along with investors Alexia and David Leuschen. The restaurant is located at the Red Lodge’s main street. One thing that people like about this restaurant it’s that if it was located in a major city, then it would be a top-flight restaurant. Lockhart menu is made of a variety of things like he showcases local meat and the procedure. Also, the menu will have things like the whimsical touches, like some homemade sodas. One thing that anyone should try when they visit the Ox Pasture is the sticky toffee pudding.

The museum is located near the Bozeman’s college. The place is best for exhibits some of the local history exhibits. So if you are one of the people that are interested in the history, then this is the best place to visit to get to know more about the history of Montana. It’s home to the living history farm. One of the finest collection that it has is the paleontology collection. It showcases some of the dinosaur fossils that have been discovered in some part of the area.