Entertainment Venues in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida

Buena Vista in Miami is one of the hottest neighborhoods for tourists and locals alike to venture into. Located in the Little Haiti district, there is a lot of entertainment going on as well as the site being the location of some of the oldest homes in the vicinity. Celebrities are constantly buzzing throughout and it can be a great place to be seen.

One of the hottest food attractions to the area is Michael Schwartz’s pizzeria. As one of the area’s most well-known celebrity chefs he has continued to expand his horizons and offers two Miami locations for Harry’s which is pizzeria which has been going for about 5 years now. A portion of Schwartz’s popularity stems from his James Beard award, but even with all of that going for him the location is still down to earth enough that if one were to just wake up at a table it would be hard to fathom that such a celebrity name is behind the scene. Homemade ricotta, polenta fries and specialty pizzas are all on the menu for the hungry diner like Craig Robins looking for a delicacy.

Miami Exotic Racing is another great spot that offers visitors what can be a once in a lifetime shot at getting behind a dream car on a professional track. A racing profession can sit in and ride along while providing top level coaching tips so that the driver can get the most out of the vehicle and the experience in general. One can try out a variety of amazing cars in order to get on the same level as Nickolas Cage and his Ferrari Enzo or Hayden Panettiere and her Lamborghini Gallardo.

One of the other great sites nearby is the American Airlines Arena which is home to the Miami Heat. Of course one can schedule a particular game to see any of the top NBA elite talent, but there are also a host of non-basketball celebrities who consistently make their way to court side. Jimmy Buffet, Lenny Kravitz, Jesse Williams and so many more have been seen in the past with many of Hollywood’s newest faces continuing to join the A-list by being seen at some of these games. Catch a bite to eat at The District Miami afterword’s for a complete experience that will leave any guests wanting to return many times to this unique and fashionable trendsetting place on the map.