Entertainment Venues in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida

Miami’s Pleasurable Attractions

Miami, Florida is paradise to millions of tourists every year. The Miami Design District is one of the popular spots to visit. It’s located about 3 miles from Downtown Miami and has the most exquisite shops and boutiques tourists can browse through.

Luxurious Shops

Dior has something for everyone, leather goods, perfumes, footwear, eyewear, watches, and jewelry. The Omega Boutique has ensured excellence in making watches for 160 years. It’s where the “Moon Watch” was first introduced in 1969, it’s the only watch that was ever worn on the moon. Giorgio Armani has an elegant style of ready-to-wear suits, active wear, accessories, wallets, handbags, and stylish shoes.

Sophisticated Restaurants

The Miami Design District is located approximately 7 miles from the South Beach area. Tourists can enjoy some of the finest gourmet restaurants that Miami has to offer. They can come inside and relax with a glass of wine at the Abaco Wine Bar, known for their kindness and hospitality, Abaco offers customers the opportunity to serve as a wine taster, people can reserve a spot for taste some of the finest vintages and wines in the world. Abaco has a large selection of wines to choose from and their staff is highly trained in the growing wine collection.

Ella is morning deli that is open early for breakfast. They also serve lunch and late afternoon food and drinks. It’s decorated with Craig Robin’s personal art collection to the south of the restaurant and a poem on the wall to the north.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro offers simple and authentic food from Greece. It’s located on the NE 2nd corridor between Miami Design District and Historical Buena Vista East. Tourists will walk into a white-washed house trimmed in blue after being escorted from the blue painted gate in the back garden. Foods to enjoy are grilled fish, freshly baked bread, and roasted lamb. Also, have old world wines that pair well with the food on their menu.

Prominent Celebrities

Many celebrities have visited the Miami Design District to engage in the elegant atmosphere it has to offer. Elle Macpherson visits often to purchase clothing and sets aside time with designers. Leonardo DiCaprio has been to the Design District many times for private parties. George Clooney and Kate Hudson have also been sighted in the Miami Design District.