There’s Nothing Quite like a Vacation Souvenir

Souvenirs are something that will never go out of style. Maybe the idea of what a souvenir is has developed over the years, but I think a souvenir means something different to everyone.

My grandparents always take their hotel slippers home with them and consider those a souvenir from all of the different places that they have traveled in the world. In airports, people will buy shot glasses or t-shirts from the gift store and bring that home from their vacation as a souvenir. I typically treat myself to a souvenir from a boutique in the place that I am visiting, which is what happened to me in Grand Cayman.

The gifts in Grand Cayman were some of my family’s favorites that I have ever brought home for them. Maybe it was because I put a lot of thought into them or maybe because they were genuinely quality gifts! A day of shopping at Camana Bay definitely led me to major brownie points with my family!

My mother loves anything that has to do with home décor, which led Bedside Manor to be the perfect store for her. I brought her home a candle, hand cream and hand soap, which were all in the same fragrance. It was a brand that I had never heard of before called Mistral, but everything smelled divine. I bought my husband a shirt at NKY Menswear, which was Robert Graham. It was a nice button down that he could wear at either work during the day or out to dinner at night with jeans! I got my daughter a dress at The Cabana, which is a Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop. The Cabana is the first Lilly Pulitzer’s international store, which means that it definitely had a great collection. The colors of my daughter’s new dress were light blue and light green, which I think will look adorable in the summer.

For myself, I splurged and treated myself to a Lilly Pulitzer bikini from The Cabana, a linen dress at Island Company, which I will definitely live in, and some treats to eat on the airplane from Bay Market.

Overall, the shopping in Camana Bay, a fabulous town center in Grand Cayman, was great and really catered to everyone in my family! I figured I might as well bring them home a nice souvenir since I was the one on a fabulous vacation all week!

New Options Unveiled at Lapis Spa in Miami

Lapis, the luxurious retreat at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, is enhancing its spa menu with new, Ayurveda treatments, inspired by unique Indian traditions.

According to Turnberry Associates Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Soffer, owner of the Fontainebleau, the Mediterranean-style spa will enrich guests’ well-being and reduce physical discomfort through these services that help rid the body of toxins and transport it back into balance.

Merging the comforts of western sophistication with the practice and ritual of eastern treatments, the Ayurvedic Rituals menu will feature four new treatments which all complement one another: the Abhyanga Massage, Arundhati Five Star Treatment, Shirodahra Zekhara Ritual, and Avar Na Body Wrap.

Ayurveda, meaning life and knowledge in Sanskrit, is one of the world’s oldest, natural sciences and whole body healing systems that is practiced by millions as a way of life in India. The new treatments follow these unique traditions that are based on a belief that wellness and health are a delicate balance between the mind, spirit and body. The treatments are largely centered on special essential oils and extracts.

With each spa reservation, guests can also enjoy Lapis Spa’s signature Water Journeys and the entire Fontainebleau poolscape, which turns a single tranquil treatment into a full day of reflection, rejuvenation, serenity and pampering.

How to Plan for a Safe Trip Abroad



When traveling within your own country, there are things that we take for granted. You probably do not have to worry about carrying a passport, what sort of clothing you wear, and learning about local culture. If you are going to be visiting a different country on a vacation or business trip, then there are certain tips that you should follow to help ensure you have a safe visit. Here, we will look at some suggestions for helping you plan for a safe trip abroad.

Ensure You Have All Necessary Documents

Sarita-travels-collageFirstly, you will need a passport for almost all international travel. It is always a good idea to start planning your trip as early as possible, including getting a passport or renewing a passport. Everyone going on the trip should have a valid passport that is not expired. In some countries, your passport may even need an expiration date that is at least six months past your date of travel.

Also, it can take up to 2 months to receive a brand new passport, depending on the time of year and which state you live in. The Miami passport agency is one of the busiest in the country. Plan in advance and ensure you have a passport.

If you are going to be driving in a foreign country then you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit. There are many countries where a standard U.S. driver’s license will be not be recognized as a valid license. This will not be an issue unless you plan on renting a car or driving yourself.

Check for Travel Alerts and Warnings

gceo4bpgiNext you should check for travel alerts and warnings issued from the Department of State before traveling. These alerts are constantly updated and provided up-to-date information about the safety concerns in a specific country. Travel warnings are typically used when the Department of State advises against travel to a specific region. This is often due to civil unrest, terrorist activity, or for countries where the U.S. has no diplomatic relations. Travel alerts are used for short-term recommendations due to current situations. In addition to checking for travel warning or alerts about the country you are visiting, you should also ensure you have the contact information for the U.S. consulate or embassy in the area you will be visiting.

Pack Smart

summer-travelCreate a checklist of everything you intend to bring. Ensure you bring extra clothing, your normal amenities, and pack light. Several days before your trip, pack your bags to make sure that everything easily fits into your luggage. Also, try to use as few bags or luggage as possible. The less stuff you have to carry through a crowded airport the better off you will be. Do not pack your travel documents, such as your passport, in a suitcase or luggage that you will not have on you at all times.

You should also consider how you are going to handle money on your trip. Avoid carrying cash and opt for traveler’s checks instead. You may also carry credit cards, but make sure they are accepted in the areas you are visiting. Also take a moment to learn about the exchange rate of the country that you are going to so that you understand the costs of things while you are away.

Do Your Research

Finally, do some research on the country that you are traveling to. Learn a little about their culture and the current state of the country. Research the local laws and customs so that you can avoid any misunderstandings. You need to be on your best behavior in foreign countries, as you are expected to follow their laws and customs.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to have a fun vacation or business trip with minimal worries. It may also be a good idea to visit a travel agent if you are planning a trip overseas. They can provide recommendations and help you go over all your plans. They will have updated information about laws, customs, and regulations. Your travel agent can also recommend places to stay and setup airline tickets, book hotels, and create an entire itinerary.

Thanks for reading, if you have a question or comment, feel free to leave a message below.